Be smart. Be safe. New protective clothing from STIHL.

Be smart. Be safe. New protective clothing from STIHL.

Long gone are the days when someone working outdoors needed to sweat in hot, heavy and uncomfortable clothing. STIHL led something of a revolution over six years' ago, when it introduced its first chain saw clothing in a stylish ‘non green' design and without compromising safety, reduced layers of protective material to improve the trouser's wear comfort and weight. So popular was the striking grey/black colourway, and so comfortable the design, that many thousands of chain saw users now dress smart and safe with STIHL.

Additions to this year's STIHL range include DYNAMIC forestry clothing – a mid-range product for both professional and occasional chain saw users. This smart-looking clothing uses stretch materials and ventilation in key areas to give excellent wear comfort, whilst the tough fabric construction and reinforced areas of high wear make them robust and practical for those working outdoors. The DYNAMIC range includes a smart working jacket and chain saw protective Trouser or Bib and Brace offering respective Design A and Design C protection.

STIHL protective clothing is not only for chain saw users, and indeed it has introduced more new high quality ranges for outdoor workers this year. The new FS 3PROTECT trouser for example, is specifically designed for those working with a brushcutter or clearing saw, where legs can be vulnerable to debris thrown up by the high-speed cutting head. Smart, stylish and comfortable, the new trouser is also very functional to wear, with well thought-out features like pockets in the leg for the insertion of knee pads and impact protectors around the shin.

Finally, and protecting against the weather, STIHL has also introduced a brand new range of general purpose outdoor wear this year. RAINTEC clothing is smart, functional and breathable, and provides protection for those working outdoors in wet and windy weather. Both the smart jacket and trouser offer good water resistance and the trouser incorporates a particularly tough and thornproof material in areas vulnerable to high wear.

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