2 990,00 Ft
Ft/100 ml 299,00 Ft
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STIHL SynthPlus chain oil is a partially synthetic high-performance lubricant with high-quality fresh oils and is suitable for all STIHL chainsaws. This oil has very good lubricating properties and is therefore actively effective against wear, and extends the service life of your power tool. This chain oil also helps to prevent wear and gumming when the saw is not in use, even during longer periods of downtime. You can also use STIHL SynthPlus chain oil at low temperatures, as it remains liquid down to -25°C. It also has a 7-year shelf life.

SynthPlus chain oil is available in the following sizes:
  • 1 litre (item no.: 07815162000)
  • 3 litres (item no.: 07815162000)
  • 5 litres (item no.: 07815162002)
  • 20 litres (item no.: 07815162004)
For additional containers, please contact your local STIHL dealer.

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