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Service Kit 17 MS 500i benzines láncfűrészhez

Service Kit 17 for STIHL MS 500i petrol chainsaws can be used to carry out simple maintenance work on your chainsaw yourself. Proactive, regular standard maintenance measures such as replacing the air filter, fuel filter and spark plug, help increase the service life of your chainsaw. This will enable you to protect machine components and parts from dirt and damage and ensure that your chainsaw’s engine always operates reliably and delivers optimum performance.

STIHL Service Kit 17 for MS 500i models includes the following components for standard maintenance tasks:

  • HD2 air filter

  • Spark plug

  • Fuel filter

The STIHL HD2 air filter is suitable for all operating conditions and can therefore be used universally. Thanks to its fine pores, it offers a very high filter quality, filtering even the finest dirt from the intake air. Replacing the HD2 filter reliably protects your chainsaw engine against the ingress of abrasive dust, helping tomaintain performance and keep fuel consumption low and ensuring that you can continue to start your STIHL chainsaw without difficulty.

It is also advisable to replace the spark plug regularly in order to maintain performance. This is the basis for clean combustion in the engine. The fuel filter keeps the fuel free of foreign particles so they cannot enter the engine. This protects the engine and ensures improved longevity. The fuel filter must also be replaced regularly in order to function reliably.

When replacing the air filter and spark plug, it is best to use the practical combination socket tool provided with your STIHL chainsaw. A cardboard hook is integrated into the packaging of the service kit itself, which can be used to conveniently remove and replace the fuel filter. You don’t need any additional tools for the job.

Service Kit 17

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