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The 3/8” Rapid Duro 3 (RD3) saw chain features high cutting quality and is ideal for horticulture and landscaping. Humped drive links mean it operates with low kickback and low vibration. This enables you to use the chainsaw toprune trees, clear deadwood or chop up branches.

The 3/8-inch saw chain with 1.6 mm drive link thickness is extremely robust thanks to carbide plating. The chainsaw chain retains its sharpness up to 10 times longer than conventional saw chains, even under very high stress and in the event of contact with heavily soiled wood.

The 3/8" Rapid Duro 3 (RD3) is a carbide saw chain and so needs to be resharpened with a sharpening tool, not manually with a round file. Our specialist dealers will be happy to carry out this task professionally and reliably for you.

Rapid Duro (RD), 3/8"

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