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Valamennyi HSA, HSE és HLA modellhez használható

The STIHL catcher plate for HLA, HSA and HSE saves you time after cutting your hedge. Because cuttings are collected directly on the blade of your STIHL hedge trimmer or long-reach hedge trimmer, they do not get caught between the branches of the hedge. The catcher plate makes it possible to bring them to the ground in one movement away from the hedge, so they are then easier to transport away. The robust plastic makes the STIHL catcher plate for HLA, HSA and HSE highly durable and ensures that it can withstand even the heaviest loads. It is ideal for hedge care by professionals and demanding domestic users.

The catcher plate can be easily and conveniently mounted on a STIHL hedge trimmer or a STIHL long-reach hedge trimmer. You do not need any tools to do this. You can attach the plate on either sides to suit your requirements.

The catcher plate is suitable for a bar length of 50 cm and can be used with the following STIHL cordless hedge trimmers and cordless long-reach hedge trimmers:

The catcher plate is also suitable for all STIHL HSE electric hedge trimmers.

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