Easier starting, longer mowing. The new FS 70 R-CE and FS 70 C-E brushcutters are here.

Easier starting, longer mowing. The new FS 70 R-CE and FS 70 C-E brushcutters are here.

Brushcutters and clearing saws are among the most well-used power tools in an outdoor professional's armoury; they are hard-working tools relied on day in and day out. Now STIHL has launched a new generation of models, with classic STIHL innovation making them easy, efficient and economic in use.

New this year, two impressive STIHL brushcutters are designed for large garden or land owners as well as demanding professionals, and bring STIHL's advanced 2-MIX engine into the range. This eco-friendly and fuel efficient engine delivers reliable performance and economy in use, with up to a 28% fuel saving compared to a conventional 2-stroke engine. The new STIHL FS 70 C-E and FS 240 C-E models also both benefit from the smooth, gentle start-ups of STIHL ErgoStart, and their newly simplified 3-step starting system is virtually flood-free.

Those same benefits are also applied to a trio of new clearing saws, with the power and endurance to clear verges and embankments, brambles and young trees. Built for the rigours of contracting use, the new models FS 360 C-E, FS 410 C-E and FS 460 C-EM not only share the economic STIHL 2-MIX engine and easy start characteristics of their brushcutter brothers, their new and highly effective anti-vibration system makes them genuinely pleasant and comfortable to use.

And STIHL has not stopped there. The most exciting addition to the new family of clearing saws is the new STIHL M-Tronic technology featured on the FS 460 C-EM. Making this STIHL's most advanced clearing saw ever, STIHL M-Tronic is a fully electronic engine management system that assures maximum performance with minimal interference. The engine is self-tuning (so no more adjusting the settings), and is simplicity to start with spontaneous acceleration that means you get to work fast.

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